Frequently Asked Questions

Order information

Order Information and Tracking
Currently, all orders are fulfilled by Ninja Van. We will update you with your tracking number via email; you may also find your shipment tracking details via your COMPANY account on our online store. And, once your order has been shipped out of our warehouse, you may track your parcel on its respective courier service website for the status of your parcel. Orders should be received within 7 working days after payment has been confirmed. Do note that certain items may not be deliverable within the specified delivery time frame due to stock unavailability.

Changing Your Order
Orders cannot be changed once they have been placed. Please contact customer service with you require any assistance with your order at,


What is On-us?

On-us is a consumer-centric B2B company with the mission of maximizing the flow of value from brands to consumers to merchants. On-us offers marketers the ability to purchase and distribute digital multi-brand vouchers redeemable with QR codes to target audiences, reducing voucher waste, improving customer engagement success, and allowing instant settlement with merchants.

Who should use On-us Express?

The Express Platform is the ideal option for small businesses seeking a simple and affordable solution for small campaigns and occasional needs.

What if On-us Express is not appropriate for my marketing campaign?

Refer to our alternative solution, the Pro Platform (please email us at for more information).

What is the primary difference between “Gifting and Recognition” and “Interactive Incentives”?

“Gifting and Recognition” provides the simplest form of voucher distribution through the use of our Greeting Card feature, while “Interactive Incentives” allows for the use of our Distribution Form on top of the Greeting Card.

What is a Distribution Form?

Our Distribution Form is an interactive tool used to distribute vouchers at various events, such as conferences, product launches, trade shows, team-building activities, shareholder meetings, and ceremonies. With the scan of a QR code and after inputting a few details, customers can seamlessly acquire vouchers that you intend to distribute.

Are mobile devices supported?

Yes, the Express platform focuses on streamlined, hassle-free and convenient usage, catering to small campaigns. Mobile optimization ensures a smooth purchasing experience anywhere, anytime.

What does multi-brand mean?

With the multi-brand feature, you can select multiple merchants for a single voucher. This allows recipients to choose the gift brand they prefer, adding flexibility and personalization to the voucher experience.

What should I do if I encounter a problem?

Please do not hesitate to contact us to help you with your issue. Email us at

Before you make an order

How does placing an order work?

In making your offer request, you will be prompted to provide a customizable design for your greeting card, a voucher face value and merchant set, redemption period, purchase quantity, and your method of distribution. Once you place your order, our voucher engine will generate the QR codes in a matter of minutes. Depending on the option you select, you will either be sent a CSV file containing the URL links for these vouchers or will have to provide us with a list of intended recipients and their emails/phone numbers for us to distribute them.

How will I be charged for campaigns?

You will be charged for the total value of the vouchers you intend to issue in addition to a fee of HKD 0.10 per email or HKD 0.50 per message if you wish for us to distribute them.

Is there a minimum/maximum quantity of vouchers I can order?

There is a minimum order value of HKD 5,000 (e.g., 200 vouchers with a face value of HKD 25) in vouchers and a maximum of HKD 100,000 (e.g., 200 vouchers with a face value of HKD 500). If you have an order exceeding this amount, the Pro Platform is recommended.

After you make an order

Why am I being redirected to the Account Information page when I press Proceed to Payment?

This means that certain company details are missing, included but not limited to: Business Registration, Company Phone, Industry, etc. Please ensure that all company details are completed before making any orders.

What steps do I need to take after I choose to send by email/SMS?

Go to My Orders and click View Details. Please enter the names and email addresses or phone numbers of your intended recipients.

Can I make changes to my order details and/or greeting card after an order?

We charge a HKD 500 fee if you wish to change the greeting card. If you want to increase the quantity of your voucher order, you may contact us to make this change. However, we will not accept a reduction in your voucher quantity.

Can I cancel my order?

No, unfortunately you may not cancel your order once it has been placed. Please refer to our Terms of Use (Section 3.1).

Can I refund my vouchers?

No, unless otherwise specified, you will not be able to refund your order. Please refer to our Refund Policy.

Can I check the status of my order?

Yes, you may find this information in ‘My Orders’ under ‘My Account’.

How long do I have to wait to receive my vouchers and greeting cards after submitting?

The lead time for your order should take 5 minutes, however, it may vary depending on your order quantity. If you choose ‘Bank Transfer Payment’ as your payment method, our team will review and confirm your order within 3 working days. If you choose ‘Pay by Card (Airwallex)’ as your payment method, the order will be completed upon successful payment. After confirmation, your vouchers should be ready for redemption 5 days after your date of purchase.