All-in-one simple voucher solution for small businesses 

On-us Express™ is the latest voucher platform launched by On-us, ideal for small businesses seeking a simple and affordable voucher solution for small campaigns and occasional needs. Companies can easily purchase and customize the cash vouchers through our one-stop platform, making it perfect for small companies looking to reward their customers or employees.


5 Minutes to Happiness

With our user-friendly platform, customising cash vouchers for your customers and employees is a breeze. Simply take 5 minutes* to create unique and personalized vouchers that reflect your brand or show appreciation to your staff. 

Multi-brand vouchers: Flexibility on where to redeem the vouchers.

Mobile devices supported: Complete your order on-the-go.

Access to real-time voucher delivery status: No worries whether the recipients recieive the voucher or not.

Flexibility on number of voucher and values: Choose your preferred redemption period & face value of your gift vouchers based on your budget and campaign goals.

*Lead time may vary depending on voucher quantity

About On-us Group

We maximise the flow of value from brands to consumers to merchants

On-us is an incentives ecosystem focused on delivering value and deepening customer relationships through customized messages and analysis of consumer behavioral data. We push every voucher to its full potential by delivering the reward choices and redemption options audiences want.




Vouchers with unstoppable value

Traditional vouchers often generate waste and lack the necessary data that marketers need. At On-us, we are putting an end to this era by creating a performance-based incentives ecosystem.

Our vouchers not only provide real-time insights into consumer behavior*, but also give customers the freedom to choose the merchant that best suits them. With our accurate and automated settlements, merchants can capture new customers.

Click here for more about On-us's incentives ecosystem. 


Omni-tech Innovation

We offer incentive-driven digital vouchers, advanced data analytics technology, integrated Fintech, Paytech, Martech and Adtech solutions — Asia's first performance-based voucher solution made possible with our omni-tech platform. 


Automated infrastructure for B2B payments between marketers and merchants.


Voucher redemption disguised as a mobile payment method.


Flexible APIs for omni-channel distribution with rich data returned in real-time.*


A new communications channel with hyper-personalized messaging within each voucher.*

Now, we introducing this omni-tech solution to an even wider audience with the launch of On-us Express™.

*Features differ for On-us Express™ and On-us Pro™ clients. 


We believe mixing disciplines unleashes innovation

Omni-tech is the reason why On-us is capable of forging these new pathways for value creation and delivery. We are fintech and martech. We are paytech, adtech, and more. We are omni-tech.

Omni-tech is the reason why On-us is capable of forging these new pathways for value creation and delivery. We are fintech and martech. We are paytech, adtech, and more. We are omni-tech.


performance-based incentive marketing

Marketing problem:

On-us was founded in 2018 when fintech veterans Dennis Shi, Patrick Lee, and Honnus Cheung understood brands were investing mass amounts of resources into pre-paid incentives, only to find that a vast majority of vouchers ended up in the trash. Unredeemed vouchers decimated campaign ROIs, and worse, failed to deliver value to their consumers.

They understood why – because available voucher technology failed to transfer financial value at the crucial moment of redemption. The goal was loyalty. The result was waste.

Omni-tech solution:

On-us is the pioneer of a performance-based voucher technology – born out of the idea that a marketing problem could be solved with a fintech solution. The launch of On-us represents a new consumer-minded era for the company. We will continue to seek new problems to solve with our omni-tech solutions.